Garden Summer Houses

Garden Summer Houses

There are many different designs of summer houses that we can supply to give you an attractive outdoor space which could even be used as an office.

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Garden Summer Houses

We can supply a range of garden summer houses if you are looking to install an outdoor relaxation area. These are available in many different colours and sizes to fit with whatever design you would like. Just let us know what kind of specification you are interested in and we'll provide some more information on what we can offer for you.

Simply complete our contact form today to speak with an expert and receive a price for these products. We'd be happy to talk through your budget and come up with an affordable quote for you.

Installing a Summer House

Our summerhouses offer you the perfect way to escape the chaos of everyday life. Imagine sitting back and relaxing in your very own summer house garden retreat! Our comprehensive range of summerhouses and gazebos will let you do just that - in style and in comfort. 

We offer a huge range of summerhouses in an array of different shapes and sizes, from hexagon summer house designs, to more traditional buildings that come with a seating area or verandah at the front.

Are you looking for a big or small summerhouse? Square, rectangular or octagonal? Flat- or pyramid roof? We have our own design & drawing department and production, enabling you to fulfil your individual design requirements. We offer many key features included in the price, such as competitively priced quality products, double glazing as standard, free delivery and easy installation!

Summer House Ideas Near Me

A comprehensive range of summer houses built to the highest quality with specifications to suit every garden setting. The range has been reviewed to include the most popular features as standard. We now include Georgian style doors, fixed and opening windows in all our models. Two standard styles are available - but remember, we can always tailor a bespoke summer house to your needs. As nearby specialists we will offer all the advice and information you need for purchasing these products.

In the event that you are unable to find a suitable building in our standard range, we can manufacture especially for you - and at no extra price premium! You are all too often restricted by the size and shape of your garden, therefore by taking advantage of our full bespoke service you can always be assured that your building will best suit your needs, whether it is to be the centrepiece of a landscaped garden or you simply wish it to blend in with its surrounding areas.

Made to Measure Summer Houses

We offer bespoke designed garden buildings, which suit your individual needs. We have used our vast experience in bespoke designing and high quality manufacturing to design our unique 3D configurator for summer houses, log cabins, gazebos and more. Design your own garden building with ease using our 3D-configurator and view it from any desired perspective.

If you wish, we can advise you on the design of your summerhouse. You can choose from our large assortment of summerhouses, to find the one that suits you best. Give us a drawing of it including the desired measures and we will make a technical drawing meeting your criteria. We are here to turn your ideas into reality, and all of this at no extra cost.

Doors and Windows

We offer an extensive range of doors & windows: with or without decorative crossbars, casement windows, top-hung windows, tilt and turn windows, fixed windows, windows with ventilation grates, bi-folding doors or sliding doors. All fitted with double glazing as standard. The cross bars for your windows and doors are easy to remove. This is a very useful feature should you wish to change the design of your summerhouse or if you need to clean or paint the windows and doors.

Summer House Roofing and Flooring

With a summerhouse you have the choice between a flat roof or a pyramid roof. For a shingled roof you can choose between five colours: blue, red, black, brown or green. An optional thatched roof must be laid in situ by the local thatcher in the traditional way, making sure that there is sufficient clearance around the summerhouse for scaffolding. Your nearest specialist will be more than happy to discuss any special requirements you may have.

For summer house standard designs a floor of 19mm is supplied and includes skirting boards and pressure impregnated foundation bearers. The floor is standard made from North European kiln dried wood, you can also choose a floor made of Siberian Larchwood. Siberian Larchwood is a hard, dense wood species with a firm texture so that it is closest to your ideal designs.

Garden Office Buildings Near Me

If you regularly work from home or run a business from your own house or surrounding areas, sometimes it's hard to distinguish between home life and work. What the majority of people have found is that you need an air gap between the two.

One solution to this is to build a home office in your garden or near by. The advantages of garden offices include saving money on commercial rent and reducing your daily commute to seconds. All our of out home offices are built to last and are a great investment in your future –they can be easily reconfigured for your changing needs.

What Can I Expect From a Garden Office?

Our local home office solutions feature walls and floors from 19 – 44 mm thick and you can opt to include underfloor heating. This means that you can create a warm, relaxed and comfortable space to carry out your business.

Our home offices can be fitted with locking systems and alarms to make sure that your business is kept secure and closest to a rea.

Physical space shouldn't be a problem as you can buy anything from a 2 m x 2 m to 5 m x 5 m or even 7 m x 5 m. Allowing you to work from home or run a small business with a few other staff members

What Do I Do Next?

Always check with your local planning department before building a home office, especially if more than one adult will be using the structure.

All our garden offices are in easy-build kit form or we can offer a stress-free professional installation service. What better than to work in the beauty and light of your own garden.

Summer House Specialists

We are pleased offer an extensive range of garden summerhouses, to suit everyone's taste and budget. A summerhouse is an attractive and useful addition to your garden; combining looks with practicality. We offer the very best selection of wooden summer houses for sale; and at the very best prices too.

The extensive garden summerhouses range incorporate hundreds of garden building styles. Why not make use of our search facility to browse the price range, size and style of garden summerhouses that best suits your garden space. Rest assured, our team offer fantastic value for money and offer both the very best selection of summerhouses on the internet and on the high street.

Get in touch with us today by completing the contact form and we'll come back to you with some more details on our prices. We offer a wide range of garden summer houses so feel free to tell us exactly what you want.