Man Cave Ideas

Man Cave Ideas

If you are thinking about creating a stylish man cave in your home, we can offer many ideas and construction services to make this a reality for you.

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Man Cave Ideas

We can offer a range of man cave ideas for anyone looking to create a cool and fun room. Many people choose to furnish these spaces with bars, gym equipment, big TVs and even cars. If you have some specific hobbies which you'd like to incorporate into the design, we can include this for you and get the ideal specification. It's totally up to you and your budget what you decide to have, but our team can guide you and supply a range of ideas prior to carrying out the work.

Feel free to complete our contact form if you are interested in converting a room in your house into a stylish man cave closest to what you have imagined. Give us an idea of the design you would like and we'll come up with some specifications and a price for the work we'll need to carry out.

Home Renovation Designs Near Me

The man cave might have always been in existence, although men everywhere are finally taking ownership inside their homes instead of using the garage or shed as their main go-to for escape. Today’s man cave is more of a retreat and less of a workspace, at least for most men. There are still a few workhorses out there that dedicate their indoor spaces to a working office, but most men would rather use that space as an escape from responsibility, a place their buddies can come over to watch the big game or to play cards.

Types of Man Caves

The type of man cave you choose to build really hinges on your particular interest. Choose a theme that fits your personality. Sporting Man Cave: Sports enthusiasts can find a host of team logos and memorabilia to cover their walls. You can also find sports related video games your guests can play during commercial breaks or in the off-season. A pool table is a great addition to a sporting man cave because you can play while listening to the game.

Sophisticated Man Cave: If team sports don’t interest you, think about a sophisticated space offering more of an up-scale local men’s club feel where your friends can join you in sipping brandy and smoking cigars over a game of poker. A fireplace can set a calming and warm mood while you and your chaps play cards at your poker table and onlookers can watch from nearby pub tables.

Home Theatre Man Cave: Another type of popular man cave screams fun for the whole family, even if you don’t want the whole family invading your space. Some guys like a home theatre space complete with a big screen TV or projector, popcorn machine and stadium seat recliners. This kind of room has less interaction and more entertainment in mind.

Regardless of your preference, a good man cave starts with a theme. Choose a theme that fits your interests. Then, go over the top with theme related décor, accessories, and features. Don’t forget the essentials like a TV, gaming tables, mini bar or kitchenette, and plenty of amenities to keep your men happy.

Cost of Man Caves

The cost of a man cave is about as broad as your imagination. Since most of these spaces require large TVs, projectors and screens, and surround sound equipment, the sky is the limit when it comes to budget. Some man caves can be done on a budget if you have a frugal designer who re-purposes amenities you already have at your disposal. If you’re working on a budget, a new coat of paint and utilizing collectibles already on hand can really stretch your budget.

Some local families are blessed enough to have unlimited resources. If that’s you, then why not splurge and update your man cave with the best of the best? There are companies all over the world ready to help you design and equip your space with one-of-a-kind pieces that will make you the envy of the neighbourhood.

While building a man cave near by, it’s important to think about your return on investment. If you were to sell your home, potential buyers may not share your same interests. In fact, they look at your man cave as temporary, unless you offer a built-in bar or mention the projector and screen stay with the home. Regardless, build the space to fit your current needs to give yourself a great escape in your own home and surrounding areas.

Incorporate Your Own Hobbies

Every man has his own personal interests and hobbies that become a tremendous influence in the design and construction of his ultimate Man Cave. Some men love working on old cars. Others want a separate space to entertain friends and family while watching the game, drinking a few beers and perhaps playing a game of cards. Whatever your interests, we specialie in the design, remodel and construction of luxury homes to your precise specifications.

Sports Themed Man Caves Near Me

Are you a huge sports fan? Top builders like us can include in the design of your man cave not one but several widescreen televisions to view multiple games at the same time. And instead of the more elegant upholstered sofas, why not include some durable theater seating consisting of reclining leather chairs with in-cushion heating and massage features? And don’t forget the fully functional bar with all of the luxurious amenities, including ample storage for snacks, cold beverages and your favorite spirits.

We have completed many projects for a range of clients so we can come up with a variety of different designs. It totally depends on what you want and how much you have to spend, but we can create a specification which is ideal for you.

Car Lover's Man Cave

An idea for car enthusiasts is a man cave attached directly to the garage area of the home. Imagine having a comfortable seating area and a fully stocked bar only a few steps away while you’re tinkering under the hood of your latest automotive project. When it comes to designing a Man Cave, there are no rules! Do you want a room that is soundproof? Or maybe you want to include additional space for a pool table, dart board or foosball table? And what Man Cave is complete without state-of-the-art surround sound? Nothing is off limits when it comes to the design of the ultimate man cave.

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