Garage Conversion Ideas

Garage Conversion Ideas

Many people choose to convert their garage from a cold storage space to a habitable room, and we offer many services to complete this sort of project.

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Garage Conversion Ideas

We can offer a range of garage conversion ideas if you are looking to redesign the space to make a more usable room. Many people choose to convert their garage into an additional bedroom, living area, games room or even a play space for children. Whatever your plans, we can offer some help and advice to make the process much simpler.

You can get in touch with us today by completing the contact box on this page and letting us know what we can do. One of our experts would be happy to answer any questions and talk about the costs for this work.

Garage Planning Permission

90% of local garage conversions do not need planning consent as you are not changing the footprint of the building. A very small number of houses near me, usually new developments with little or no parking have to keep the garage area as a parking space. In these circumstances planning consent would be required and an alternative space would have to be created. This could mean extending the original driveway or converting part of the garden to a parking space.

As part of the service we can complete a customer development questionnaire in order to get the information in writing from the local planning department. If planning is required we can undertake the process in house making it as easy as possible for our customers.

Building Regulations

All garage conversions require building regulations. The fact we are creating a habitable room means it has to conform to the latest regulations.

Briefly speaking insulation is added to floors, walls, ceilings and in most cases constructing cavity walls. Ventilation is also a major factor especially if you have an existing flat roof. Doorways are usually formed off hallways etc; lintels have to be checked to ensure they are structurally sound and in some cases new openings need structural calculations. In most circumstances the conversion could be used to increase the occupancy of the property i.e. bedroom, if this is the case the existing (if present) smoke alarms need to be upgraded or installed with linked smoke & heat detector systems. Electrical work has to carry Part P certification and gas work Gas safe registered. We frequently build ensuites in our conversions so drainage etc. has to conform.

All this information has to be factored into the work which is where our wealth of experience will ensure we guide you through the process as smoothly as possible. You will not meet a salesman from our company you will meet one of the Directors who has worked on the tools for a number of years so information will be factual not flaky sales patter! All building regulation forms, drawings and OS maps are dealt with.

Brickwork and Heating

Unless your property is built on a raft foundation part of the concrete garage floor needs to be excavated where the original garage door sits. A foundation has to be excavated down to the bottom of the existing house foundation; which have on occasions been over 2m deep! New brickwork is toothed into the existing so the join is seamless.

We can install radiators from your existing central heating subject to existing boiler capacity. We can also offer our unique easyheat radiator system which is part L compliant. This system is a cost effective electric / water heater which looks exactly like a standard radiator.

Floor and Decoration

As part of the project we can install many options of flooring; wood, laminate, tiles or cushion floor. We can supply samples on request. Decoration can be left for the customer if required; alternatively we can undertake this so all you need to do is install the furniture.

Electrical Work

We offer a full range of electrical work including consumer board changes; our quotation will arm you with a list of our products and a price for each so you have full control over the costings. We find that as the build is taking place customers often change their mind i.e. adding lights sockets, TV points etc. With the cost breakdown information there are no hidden surprises at the end of the project.

Garage Redevelopment Specialists Near Me

Garages offer an incredible adaptable space and a conversion that’s even quicker and more affordable than a loft conversion, and we provide a comprehensive and high quality service.

Garages lend themselves incredibly well to conversion into new rooms, with no pitched roofs or need for stairway access it’s a much quicker process and often even more affordable. The biggest job is replacing the garage door with a wall and windows, but thanks to almost 35 years of building experience, ten years of which has been specialising in loft and garage conversions, we can get the job done with minimal disturbance to your life and nearby properties, and still meet exceptional quality standards.

Our comprehensive garage conversion services provided to homeowners looking for a range of different designs.

Garage Conversion Cost

So many garages, especially twin versions, are used for little more than overflow storage space or a place to put the gardening tools; why not put them in a shed and create a spacious new are for you and your family to enjoy every day? Let us provide a free survey to discuss everything that could be possible in your garage; we’re based locally and there are plenty of our previous garage conversion around for you to have a look at and see just how much we put into each project. The costs for this work can really depend on your specification and choice of design. If you have a particular budget in mind then feel free to discuss this with us and we'll provide a quote to suit you.

If you are considering having a Garage Conversion closest to you, then contact us to arrange to have one of our experienced representatives give you a visit and discuss your needs. Once we have a clear idea of your vision then our experienced team will turn that vision into reality. A single garage typically will have a floor space of around 150 sq. ft., converting your garage is a simple solution to create extra living space in your home.

We have converted many garages into many different rooms including:

  • A bedroom (with en-suite or walk-in wardrobe if required)
  • A playroom for younger children or a Den for older children and teenagers
  • A home cinema or extra reception room
  • A kitchen or dining room
  • A study or more often a home office

If you have a larger or double garage, then this could be converted into multi-rooms or part converted giving you a smaller area usually at the front to remain as a garage for storage and the rear, or surrounding areas, converted into a room of your choice.

Converting a Garage Near By

The entire conversion will be managed and completed by our own workforce to maintain continuity and our high standards throughout, using all materials of the highest quality which are guaranteed and manufactured to British Standards certification where possible.

It’s time to clear the junk out of your garage and convert it into useable living space for you and your family.

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