Conservatory Extension Services

Conservatory Extension Services

A conservatory can be a great addition to an existing home, and we can build or extend these to give you a pleasant space to enjoy the summer weather.

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Conservatory Extension Services

If you are in need of specialist conservatory extension services then we can offer our help. We have completed numerous projects for homeowners looking to build new conservatories or extend and renovate their existing ones. You can choose from a wide range of different designs and specifications, and if you have a certain budget to stick to, we can bear this in mind as well.

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in extending a conservatory or building a new one so please get in touch today. Just let us know what you would like us to do, and we'll provide some further information along with an excellent value quote.

Professional Conservatory Extensions Near Me

It pays to employ professionals to design your conservatory extension, but is it best to go for an independent architect or use the services of an in-house team at a local conservatory extensions company?

In-house teams know their conservatory extensions like nobody else, and are aware of what can, and cannot, be achieved when building conservatory extensions. Their expertise means the design process for creating perfect conservatory extensions is much simpler and straightforward for the client.

Nonetheless, some homeowners prefer the services of an architect to design their whole project, who will liaise with the specialists to manage the entire conservatory extension build. To be absolutely satisfied, homeowners should ensure the architect is RIBA registered and has plenty of experience working with the materials and style you’re after.

Conservatories Planning Permission

Planning can be a challenge, but it is one that can be easily overcome with the right advice. Conservatory extensions don’t necessarily require planning permission, and, depending on the type of conservatory extension being proposed, could be allowed under permitted development. Nonetheless, it is always best to ensure that this is officially verified before construction of any conservatory extensions takes place.

Ordinarily, if permission is required for a conservatory extension, then the local planning department will pass judgement within eight weeks. However, local government cutbacks have meant many local and nearby planning departments are now facing severe delays in processing applications for conservatory extensions, meaning the eight-week limit is proving difficult to achieve.

Once again, experts in designing conservatory extensions will be able to handle all planning requirements for clients via their dedicated planning teams; as will RIBA architects, CIAT architectural technologists or RICS surveyors.

Conservatory Extensions Cost

Homeowners considering conservatory extensions should consider the overall costs before undertaking any building work. Whilst bespoke glass structure companies will provide finance packages for designing, manufacturing, delivering and installing conservatory extensions; preparatory and post-installation building works will also need to be financed, as will any additional internal or external works, such as furnishings or landscaping. Homeowners should consider all these costs before they embark on building conservatory extensions of their dreams.

Popular Design Options

In Georgian and Victorian times glass houses were very popular and mainly used as garden rooms. Today, however glass extensions fulfil a much wider variety of uses from living rooms, kitchen extensions and dining areas. For owners of a local period property, the addition of a conservatory is an exciting opportunity to be creative with design and break with the tradition of other conventional rooms in the home, offering a totally unique atmosphere with unlimited uses.

Conservatories can be built to suit any period of building and most can create a beautiful addition if interpreted with appropriate design detail and proportions. It is of primary importance that the design of a conservatory is sympathetic to the existing property and near by areas, in terms of architectural detailing and for many properties, finding some existing detail on a house and mirroring this within the conservatory can make the new addition look as if it has always been there giving it a timeless quality.

A conservatory from us comes not only with a guarantee of workmanship and a keen eye to detail. It also comes with the unique promise that you have one person dedicated to dealing with every aspect of your installation, right from day one through to, and beyond, the completed project.

Our dedicated Project Manager will handle your queries, know the exact status of your building work and aims to exceed your expectations!

The range of design and finish is as broad as your imagination. Together we will plan, design and build your dream Conservatory closest to what you have envisioned- turning your vision into reality!

Desiging Your Conservatory

We adopt a whole new perspective to conservatory and extension construction and promise not only to transform your home, but also your way of life. From a classic Gable-fronted conservatory to contemporary conservatory designs with bi-folding doors, whatever you choose, we will transform your living space to a thing of beauty and will be designed to enhance the existing features of your home.

Extend your living area or kitchen and dine under the stars with our bespoke and personalised conservatories & extension construction services to suit you. Create a new office, bedroom or living room with our incredible garage conversions or transform your garden with our UPVC decking and innovative landscaping.

Conservatories Builder Near Me

Whatever your requirements we offer a variety of styles, colours, shapes and sizes to suit your personality and perfectly match your home and surrounding areas. And with every door and window being “A” rated for energy efficiency, you can be sure of reducing your energy requirements and reducing your personal carbon footprint. People are often looking for a 'conservatory construction specialist near me' and we offer a local service which will be perfect for you.

Because we believe in a personal service, we advise on all aspects of the required conservatories & extensions construction work; ensuring you feel comfortable you have made the perfect home improvement choice to suit your lifestyle.

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We can provide some more expert advice on what we offer so feel free to get in touch with us straight away. You can fill in the quick form on this page to tell us what you need and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Our team provide a range of conservatory extension services if you are looking to create more room in your home. We can talk through the costs and offer your a quote for whatever you would like us to do.