House Extension Ideas

House Extension Ideas

Extending a part of your home can be ideal for creating more space, and we are able to complete this construction work to suit many specifications.

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House Extension Ideas

If you are looking for house extension ideas we can offer our expert advice to help you with this. Our team have completed many projects to add new rooms and extend existing areas, giving homeowners more space to use as they please. This might be for a kitchen, new bedroom, extra living area, or maybe an office. The choice is totally up to you and what you would like to do with the new space.

Simply contact our team today through the quick form on this page and we'll get back to you as soon as we can with further details. We'd be happy to discuss costs and give you a quote for your proposed project, so let us know what we can do for you.

Home Extension Builders

Extending your home could be one of the largest investments you will ever make after buying your home! Understandably, you want to make sure you choose the best people to build your extension, who will guide you through the process with expert help and advice, making sure your plans are delivered and you add value to your home.

We specialise in home extensions and are builders that pride our self on delivering the highest quality, leaving behind very happy and satisfied customers due to the building experience we have provided for them.

From a small facilities room to a two storey extension we provide all our customers with the same service and quality from design to completion of the building project, giving you expert advice on what we can and cannot achieve for you and through consultation with you throughout the project we make sure we build what you desire.

Extending Your House

Building an extension can provide many obstacles because you are adding a new building to an existing building, so your extension has to be built in sympathy with your existing building or others nearby, which could well be out of line or suffered from settlement or cracking, and needs to fit with what’s already there to look right.

We will guide and advise you through the design & planning processes of your extension, with the wealth of knowledge and experience in our architectural team helping you through this process and giving you realistic options for your extension plans and making sure that Planning Permission and Building Regulations are achievable with the design of your extension.

We provide a free, no obligation consultation process for all our customers to discuss your initial plans, after which we will provide you with a written quotation based on the consultation.

House Extension Specialists Near Me

Even though banks and lenders are once again attempting to entice people to borrow, with people’s finances and job still not as secure as they would like, many people are not choosing to move to acquire more space for their growing families but extend their properties instead.

There are many home extension options for your property but, if you are looking to add space AND value then you will need to consider home extension options thoroughly before any work begins.

Home extensions options depend on two things – the space you have to work with and the budget you have to complete the work.

Expanding Your Living Space

Terraced properties near me, are favoured first time buys, as well as retirement options for those wanting to live mortgage free but they can be tight on space. Rather than looking to add a bedroom, some terraced properties benefit from increasing the amount of living space. Extending the lounge as well as the kitchen to add a much needed dining area can add significant value to the property.

Larger terraced properties closest to you benefit from a loft conversion as this can add a much needed extra bedroom. Advances in plumbing technology also now mean that frequently, an en suite bathroom can be added. But, as with all home extensions, getting the work completed properly so that the project complies with building and fire regulations as well as planning permission is essential – failure to do so renders the £20,000 or so you have spent an over-investment if the bedroom can only be called a ‘hobby’ room on your house selling particulars.

Garage Extension Building

Adding a storey on to the garage are home extensions options that many homeowners do not always realise will be a more cost-effective way of adding space and value. You will need the services of a surveyor or engineer to check that the foundations of the garage will take the additional load of another storey but on most cases, this is not a problem – builders suggest that even remedial work on foundations is cheaper than laying a whole new set for a new single storey layer.

Of course, home extensions at your property need not be a huge or expensive undertaking. Garages are often under-utilised spaces that are either attached or close to the home. If you are looking for a versatile extra room, then converting your garage to a living space, rather than a glorified dumping ground, could be a sound investment.

Add Value to the House

With all the talk of ‘adding value’ and creating a home that will sell, we sometimes forget that we and our families could be living in the property for some time yet! Consider what it is that you need within your home and do not be too swayed by ‘adding an extra bathroom will increase value by x amount’. If you need a fourth bedroom then look at the option or, if it is more ground floor space, then look at the space you have available and how this can be adapted, improved and extended to meet your needs.

It often doesn’t take much to transform your current property into the perfect space. A house extension can take many forms: loft conversions, new kitchens, conservatories, basement refurbishments, garage conversions, decking, and other types of renovations in can all help you make the most of your existing location. All our estimates are free, and include an extensive bill of quantities; the price we quote will be the price you pay.

Types of Home Extensions

Our team has experience in constructing different types of home extensions and every project is different in its own way. The four main types of home extensions are:

  • Single Storey Extensions
  • Two Storey Extensions
  • Over Structure Extensions
  • Standalone Extensions of the Property

Your chosen architect will be able to tell you what type of home extension is feasible for your property and help you design the layout to maximise the space available.

Single-storey home extensions are built to increase floor space on the ground floor and depending on whether you have a detached, semi-detached or terrace house a single-storey home extension can be applied to the front, side or rear of the property.

Two Storey Extension Work

Your home can also be extended at two or three levels to increase floor space significantly. Again, depending on what type of property you have, a two-storey extension can be applied to the front, side or rear of the original building and surrounding areas.

Over structure home extensions allow you to increase floor space on the upper level of a property by extending on top of an existing build, such as the garage or an extension previously built. Many homeowners do this to create additional bedrooms, an en-suite bathroom or office space.

Standalone home extensions allow you to extend floor space as a separate entity, which will still be associated with the main build of your property. This is a great option if you want to create office space or an annex with privacy but still be near by.

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